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Competition Horse Kit

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Competition Horse KitA complete kit to create ultimate and spectacular shine before and on race day!Contains: Dazzling Brightness Shine Spray, Celestial Conditi

Article Number: 773

Competition Horse Kit

A complete kit to create ultimate and spectacular shine before and on race day!

Contains: Dazzling Brightness Shine Spray, Celestial Conditioner, Flarisol Spray Mist Bottle.

Use the products as follows:

Dazzling Brightness - Provides spectacular shine in both coat & mane by improving & intensifying color recovery. The perfect final finish on the buds, tail & body for an irresistible shine! As a finish, spray shine spray on the mane and tail. Also spray on the body where you want to intensify the shine further and then iron the product out with a sheepskin glove/microfibre towel or just with your hand to avoid the product settling "on" the fur but going into the fur.

Celestial Conditioner - Provides spectacular shine and restores hair's suppleness and strength. Excellent results from the first use. Can be used often. Gives results you've never achieved before, try it and you'll understand what we mean! This conditioner is absolutely incredible and once you have it you will never want to be without it!

Use it up to 10:1 dilution or as it is on severely matted or damaged coats. Once applied, feel free to let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse well.

Dilute 20:1 product of Celestial Conditioner in your Flarisol Spray Mist Bottle and use as a coat shine/examination spray for everyday coat repair, examination and hydration.