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Always Your Friend is a grooming brand with natural ingredients, rich in good properties for skin and coat.

All shampoos contain a high concentration of organic Aloe Vera and organic and essential oils, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Innovative natural shampoos that highlight the very best for the coat from the first treatment.

Ozone treatments, together with SPA technology for milky baths, together with the right products from our Spa series are perfect for solving the challenges of problematic skin and fur.

The main function of the nano bubbles in this system is to remove dirt, old skin cells and bacteria on the skin surface and skin pores. Nano bubbles can help activate skin cell regeneration and treat damaged capillaries. Negative electrons obtained with the nano bubbles help strengthen the immune system and improve the skin. This procedure is suitable for use on both humans and their animals suffering from dermatitis-induced skin problems. To date, the true cause of atopic dermatitis remains unknown in modern medicine.

However, there are several experiments that show that atopic dermatitis is not simple dermatitis, but rather a disease caused by a deterioration of the physical condition and weakened immunity.

In addition, various skin infections further aggravate atopic dermatitis.

Ozon Bath

Activates cellular immunity and stimulates collagen production, which promotes tissue regeneration


EXTRA BENEFIT FOR;Bsd / Alopecia X , Joints & bones, Muscles, Skin problems, Relaxation


Salon equipment, Grooming table, Ozone bath, Scissors, Clippers, Cords etc.


The benefits of ozone baths for the animal's skin and coat:Activates cellular immunity and stimulates collagen production, which promotes tissue regeneration. Cleanses and brightens the skin by removing toxins, slags and free radicals from it.Accelerates healing processes, Relieves allergy symptoms, Treats burns and insect bites. Relieves/treats symptoms of eczema and seborrheic eczema. Prevents the appearance of dandruff.

Has disinfecting properties - strengthens immunity. Ozone/nanobubbles stimulate regrowth of new fur, heals fur structure from damaged areas. Together with various vegetable oils, the treatment is more effective and provides a faster increased recovery.

There are different oils adapted to each type of problem.

- Every Groomers Obvious Choice

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Calming and ideal for stressed dogs, dogs that have been in stressful situations, changed homes, or carry trauma. Is also soothing against hormonal imbalance.


Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by parasites, which leads to sores on the skin. Ozone technology works in this case to accelerate the healing of skin and wounds. It is important to ensure a protective layer for external factors to ensure the healing process.


Ozone is used to treat different variants of skin & fur problems, such as e.g. infections, itching, allergies, dermatitis, surgery and Alopecia. Ozone is also a beneficial treatment for older dogs and dogs with severe fur changes. Improves the condition of the skin and fur in various fungal diseases. (Fungus, dermatophytosis, dermatomycosis, candidiasis)


Ozone bath treatment prevents bacteria from multiplying and helps the skin return to a healthier state to minimize itching, dandruff, hot spots and eczema. It also has an antibacterial effect and inhibits the growth of bacteria. After bathing, the skin regains its health and the coat takes on a healthy appearance.


Ozone technology promotes skin renewal and moisturizes and opens up the hair cells so that nutrition can build up from the inside. During the treatment, oils used penetrate more easily into the skin and remove toxins.


Ozone therapy reduces signs of allergies (redness, skin flakes, unpleasant odor & pigment changes) that occur after flea bites, food allergies, atopic dermatitis or seborrhea.


The causes of Alopecia can be different, including genetics, but are usually caused by the following factors: Too hot water, after surgery, frequent preparation of fur for exhibitions, cutting/shaving too close to the skin (Cut Alopecia) as well as stress and poor nutrition. Ozone moisturizes, acts as an antioxidant, strengthens immunity, opens up pores and saturates the skin with effective ingredients that stimulate fur growth.

How It Works 


Do not forget to make an appointment with your veterinarian so that your pet does not have any other diseases that need other treatment (such as Cushing's disease, thyroid problems, etc.) This is step 1 before starting a treatment with products and Ozone baths.


Treating skin and fur problems can be difficult. Make sure your dog eats a balanced diet, nutrient absorption is improved when eating mono protein and grain-free food with high protein content. Clean eating actually helps support the immune system. For an extra boost, add oil to the food. Many skin and coat problems need the right balance from the inside to be good on the outside.


Always Derma Revitalize series can be of great help in treating different types of skin and fur problems. Book an appointment by phone or treatment with our dermatologists to set up a plan for your particular dog. The Derma Revitalize series in combination with Ozone baths is a success factor in the treatment.



Always Your Friend's main focus is to make products that help our furry friends stay healthy and protected. With almost no natural products on the market to treat skin conditions, we decided to make the first revitalizing line for skin and coat conditions. After years of research and development of over 40 products that help treat skin conditions and allergies, we proudly present the Derma Revitalize range. It's a four-step line that helps naturally treat the most demanding skin conditions without the use of unsafe ingredients. We use natural ingredients of the highest quality such as organic aloe vera, organic oils, essential oils, colloidal silver, sulfur and vitamins C, D & E according to the highest EU standards. Depending on the extent of the skin condition, skin and hair repair can take from a few days, to weeks or months.

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