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The story of us!
"Here at Always Your Friends Professional Grooming, we want to take care of our pets with the best products and give them all the love we have. After a long time searching the market for healthy natural products that meet the high standard we wanted in fur care, we realized that we won't find what we're looking for. The knowledge was there and after assembling a team of experts, we created the first ultra-premium pet care range with useful organic ingredients completely free of dangerous additives."


We have everything for all types of coats, colors and breeds. Find your new favorites here. 

Shampoos, conditioners, care products and specially adapted products! 


Among our brands you will find Grooming accessories, Accessories, Spa baths and lots of other unique products.


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Save 40-50%

Compared to other brands..

High Quality 

Carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. 

Results For Real

Results from the very first occasion.



All products are made by hand and the ingredients are sourced from the best places around the world for vegan/organic products. Always bases our healthy products on extra virgin organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, blend of organic oils.


Always created the first organic grooming range of the best quality with only natural & organic substances that deliver results from the very first treatment. We are proud of our products that provide amazing results without chemical additives! All products in the professional range of Always are developed for dog, cat, horse & rabbit.


Find your
Where can I find Groomers & Pet shops for Always grooming products around the world?
Take me directly to our dealers / dog groomers / large stables .... send an email to [email protected] and we will help you with the contact.


Organic and natural products for a long-term and healthy result! Do you also want to work with high-quality products? Handmade on the Greek island of Crete with love and passion... Made for Horses, Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.


Millor Dog, the personal accessories for your dog, especially your poodle...Wrapping papers, rubberbands, leg protectors, pillows and much, much more!


Kenchii is known for creating the finest and most innovative fur tools in the world. They are passionate about the scissors they produce and they know this is a passion shared by Kenchii's customers. Kenchii spares no expense to bring you the absolute best tools.

Always Home collection - here you will find dog beds, blankets, grooming accessories such as bags etc. The market's most high-tech Ozone bath for you with a home spa or dog salon.


American Lainee Ltd has the most popular leashes for your dog, you will also find accessories and wrapping papers in the range.


One of the world's best-selling brushes... Suitable for many different breeds. Choose from different variants and sizes.

How It Works


Fill your Mix Bottle with water to the mark you want to dilute the product with.


Add your Always product to the marked product line on your Mix Bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply directly to your dog or horse with a sponge.


Wash and enjoy outstanding,long-lasting result.

Every Groomers Obvious Choice.. 

We are here with our team to help you with the best fur care for your animals, your business or your store.

Always products are correctly pH-balanced and they have many beneficial properties such as: Antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Prevents redness and itching, helps correct dry skin and dry fur, gentle on the skin, gives natural glow, soothing effect on irritated skin, moisturizes and balances, strengthens the hair from the root and also heals the skin, helps to fight eczema, helps to exfoliate damaged skin and repair damaged fur, which makes brushing easier, helps prevent hair loss and helps the fur get the best conditions for new healthy growth.

Are you interested as a private person, dog groomer or shop?We at Always Nordic are distributors for THE HOLE WORLD!

I have been a professional groomer for over 30 years and these are the best products I have ever used.

Patrice L

The only products that work on our pony's itchy and dandruffy scalp.

Johanna J 

Such great products that also make my dog's fur absolutely fantastic! Will only use your products in the future.

Anna K

Meet Always Team

Our team consists of groomers and salespeople with many years of experience and knowledge.

Head of Sales, Equine Line
Fanny Kellgren. 

CEO & Creator
Jessica Frohagen.

- Head of Markets & Sales, Dog Line

- Spanish Stallion
Adrian Fernández. 

Flagship Store Manager
Alice Andersson.

Head of Always Academy
Charlotte Sandell. 

Influencer - Equine Line

Taking Care of the Boring Stuff & Finance
Johan Frohagen. 

Influencer - Dog Line

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